One of my most favourite clothes to wear are clothes designed for men.  I used to think that what might have caused such liking was my brothers’ and my matching outfits when we were kids, but then I remember that I’d often play in dresses too. So scrap that. But just for fun, here’s an old photo of us awww

Yes we matched head to toe

My first real taste of men’s fashion happened when I was sixteen. They were a pair of Costume National grey trousers from my very fashionable uncle. When I received them, he told me he’d had them for over ten years, and I’ve actively worn them since and never had them altered. 
Needless to say I’ve acquired a small collection of men’s clothing. I’d joyfully find neglected (or not, because I’d later have to beg for them) pieces in my father’s, brother’s, friends’ closets and called them mine. Oftentimes I found that men’s fashion had pieces that would better suit my taste, and best of all- they never failed in the subject of comfort.

L: My favourite of my brother’s sweaters; Vancouver Olympics 2010
R: A varsity jacket stolen/pass-me-down from someone dear; Granville Island circa early 2012
It eventually became a part of my hunting list when shopping. To name a few you can find: the best lightweight jackets (my faves are army or denim jackets easily found in vintage stores), print tee’s, lazy oversized sweaters, cardigans, flannel shirts, “boyfriend” jeans or pants, and cool accessories in the men’s section. All of which are very fun and easy pieces that found their ways into my wardrobe.

Sharing a couple of old photos through the years, and a new one, just for you-

Shirt: Celio / Tartan Pants: MUJI 

I am deffo not the only woman keen on menswear or men’s-inspired fashions; just at the top of my head- One of my favourite bloggers, Nadia of Froufrouu has a true mastery of androgynous fashion. I’ve also had the pleasure of knowing a couple of bloggers that share the same sentiments of this post, each with their own unique sense of style.

Melissa Araujo is absolutely sexy and edgy in the way she styles men’s fashion. She got the men’s blazer from the Margiela x H&M collection which i covet very much! See her style it over here among her other great looks. While you’re there, check out her own edgy designs.

Danni Tsai’s blog Beautiful BROGUES, a tumblr with menswear inspiration and her own cool outfits too!

Cyeoms is a powerhouse. She doesn’t only style herself in menswear, she makes them too! Check this hot lady’s blog here, and shop here

Check them out! and see you soon-

Love lots, black soul. x

Photos by J. Cantemprate