Something about vintage fashion makes you feel special. It could be the fact that nobody else has the same piece, and/or the history that comes with it. Personally, I really believe that clothing from the past is not only original, but is made with better quality materials, saying as the creation of new fabrications came with factories specializing in mass production, which then compromises quality for various reasons I will not even begin to cover in this post (for the risk of your boredom)!
I digress, but what I was really trying to say was that I really do love the look, the fabric, and the history that comes with vintage clothing.
Romper and belt: vintage from mom

It’s always refreshing to know that something from the past can be renewed and recreated. I have found it necessary to alter a few pieces to make them look more updated or just to fit me a little better. When I go vintage shopping, or even when my mom or grandma give me something they’ve kept for years, I always find potential in it. This, to me, is sometimes more exciting than shopping online or in the mall (but of course I still do!!). I often cut sleeves, pants, hems, add buttons, finishings, etc. I’m not very good at sewing, so I get some help if I can’t do it myself. Oftentimes I get really lucky and don’t need to edit them at all!

Sunglasses: Versace / Watch: Casio
The look I’m wearing here is a romper that was once my mom’s. Originally it had shoulder pads, but that was the only thing I needed to do- cut em out! I just belted it, also with a belt that was my mom’s, which broke the polka dot pattern of the romper. I do love the effect the little gold chains lent the look.
Minimal accessories: fun sunnies and my old watch.

Dolman Knit Hoody: Details / Lipstick: Make Up For Ever in Moulin Rouge

I chose to wear my Acne wedges because quite frankly, the thought of other shoes seemed a little boring. 

ACNE Spin Brogue Wedges

Love lots, black soul. x

Photos by Karyn Ong


Black. It’s a solid colour, pretty general in its use. It’s everywhere, everything you want it to be- blank, loud, wild, subtle, sharp, unsure, beautiful, ugly.
It stands out in everything I love- fashion, music, art, photography.
We can only ever attempt to explain what it really means to us, or if it means anything at all. But here’s a little bit of what I’ve got:
Black represents something ambiguous, but powerful. It is mysterious, curious, promising, and blind, all in its simplicity.  It tells you something you’re impervious to believe; yet it basks in its quiet freedom. It’s a darkness that could be threatening, that draws you in, to live on the edge of life.
Here I am, believing in what all these have to offer. Its beauty, its meaning, its presence amongst its fellow colours, its presence on its own- the darkness of doubt, of desperation, of hopelessness; and finally, its presence in the light where you see what you want to make of it.

So, welcome to the Religion of Black.

Oh, and this is me.

Denim Shirt Jacket: vintage / Sexuali Tank: American Apparel / Drop Crotch Shorts: Comme des Garçons BLACK / Brown Brogues
Love lots, black soul. x

Photo c/o R. Ante and E. Posadas