It’s no secret that I’m into super lazy clothes like this look. I’m a big fan of sweatshirts, plain white T’s and anything breathable and cozy. Got this DIY sweatshirt inspiration floating around the internet, and instead of showing off my non-flattering abdominals, this is how I’ll wear it in the meantime- layered.

Spending the holidays chilling, just waiting for Easter, means catching up on sleep / shows / movies I’ve always wanted to watch but haven’t yet.

Advanced Happy Easter to you!


Photos by Cholo Dela Vega


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Mullet Tank: Basic Movement x ReligionBlack / Neoprene Culottes (custom): Basic Movement / Vintage Leather Backpack: Prada / Sunnies Studios / Sneakers: EYTYS (Hoodwink)

I often get asked if I have any colour in my wardrobe at all, why I wear a lot of black, isn’t it too hot for this weather? I do wear a lot of black, but I also really love grey, white and blue (most especially in denim). On many days, I really do nerd out on fabrication and detail. That’s the reason I love wearing black, you see the details clearly, yet it’s not screaming anything besides the way you wear it.

Today I opted for a sheer back creation by Basic Movement and myself, together with light neoprene culottes that we also designed together outside of  our collection. Speaking of which, watch out for the shop coming soon where I’m posting the collection! Just working on some finishing touches! X


Photos by Pat Jamora


2-in-1 Mesh Dress: Melissa Araujo / Sneakers: EYTYS (sold at HOODWINK)
Here’s a really lovely spread for this month’s Closet Diaries with Meg Magazine. Thank you so much for this, Meg (special shout out to Portia)!
I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what to wear and what to show in this feature, but I think here you see something that can exactly represent me today. For one, I am wearing all black in each outfit, most of which I have owned for ages. And two, I’ve started repeating ‘favourite things’ to feature! 
Doing this one made me realize that I’ve really slowed down collecting things, or even shopping loads (which I know is a little strange for a personal style blogger). Over the years I have collected things I really like, that are versatile, simple enough to be basic and make a subtle statement in styling. Though I do try new things, there is now the “core” that is the aforementioned (very humble) collection that I work around today. The reason could easily be the expenses, the idea of quality over quantity, the challenge of working with a smaller, more curated wardrobe. Better yet, it could be the mix of all the above—for now (of course there will always be a long want and to-buy-one-day list growing longer).