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As cliche as it sounds, I can’t express how obsessed I am with sunsets. This is part of the reason I love going to the beach~ it’s like the sun gives you a little kiss goodnight. Really needed this short getaway to recharge for the madness that is December! Can’t believe 2016 is finally coming to an end. Wishing everyone super fun holidays to come!

Ps. currently loving my blue tinted glasses (and searching restlessly for more colours !!)


Photos by Shayna Cua


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Float Swimwear <3

I love  this swimsuit so much that I got excited with ideas on how to style it. It’s not the most practical to wear them with the biggest denim pants you’ve got, but I like the look on a whole. I really enjoyed wearing this suit all day, despite that it’s more girly than I thought I would go for. It’s just so flattering.

Looking back at my last vacation and looking forward to my next (real one)! Heading out to Sydney for the next week or so! Simply can’t wait.

Photos by Mikee Tuason


DSC_0035 DSC_0036DSC_0021Float Swimwear <3

Hi friends,

Sorry I’ve been more MIA than usual. My life has made a complete 360 this year! No longer do I work in fashion / retail, but I’ve fully joined the food force come January (which has clearly eaten me alive).

It’s pretty obvious by now that La Union has easily become my favourite getaway. I suppose it’s really the ~chill in the air. Everytime I visit, there’s something new and progressive. Our favourite hostel is expanding, more and more awesome food spots popping up and even more beautifully- some environmental and charitable consciousness going around. Can’t wait to visit again soon.

Really glad to have spent some time with my baby sisters during this trip, and with that, here’s a feature of their sexy behinds.


Photos by Mikee Tuason


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Sunnies Studios / Bikini: Sune / Mesh Dress: H&M

Life has somehow managed to make a full 180 degree turn from what it was last year. I can’t say it’s better, neither is it worse, but it’s different. I’ve decided that that’s really what I like about it and I like being reminded that it’s never too late to learn something new. (I’m one of those people who’ve turned creative coming from an opposite background). A friend once told me that she thrives on change, and I thought, damn she is brave, she’s fearless. I want to be like that.

Meanwhile, for today at least, I’ll be daydreaming about the last time I got to visit the beach. Some quiet time to recharge. La Union is really a great place to find good energy, even if you’re not into surfing. The growing community that builds itself around the surf culture continues to contribute to the soul that is LU. Can’t wait to go back.


Photos by M. Tuason