2-in-1 Mesh Dress: Melissa Araujo / Sneakers: EYTYS (sold at HOODWINK)
Here’s a really lovely spread for this month’s Closet Diaries with Meg Magazine. Thank you so much for this, Meg (special shout out to Portia)!
I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what to wear and what to show in this feature, but I think here you see something that can exactly represent me today. For one, I am wearing all black in each outfit, most of which I have owned for ages. And two, I’ve started repeating ‘favourite things’ to feature! 
Doing this one made me realize that I’ve really slowed down collecting things, or even shopping loads (which I know is a little strange for a personal style blogger). Over the years I have collected things I really like, that are versatile, simple enough to be basic and make a subtle statement in styling. Though I do try new things, there is now the “core” that is the aforementioned (very humble) collection that I work around today. The reason could easily be the expenses, the idea of quality over quantity, the challenge of working with a smaller, more curated wardrobe. Better yet, it could be the mix of all the above—for now (of course there will always be a long want and to-buy-one-day list growing longer).


I’m a little late in New Year’s greetings, but I’m always the one with the delayed reaction anyway. Happy New Year! This time of year calls for a celebration—it’s been one year from my first blog post. I know I’ve been a shitty blogger, with no proper rhyme or rhythm, but I never thought I would make it here. So I’m giving myself a big manly pat in the back.
I am extremely thankful for the past year, I think I’ve grown up a little more and gotten to know myself better through my work and through this blog, always with the goal of learning while staying real, working hard while not being too hard on myself. With much gratitude, it has also given me the chance to see myself through others’ eyes. Thank you to y’all that have been around and also to the ones I’ve newly met who’ve been so awesome despite my actual timidity.
For 2014, I wanna live to the fullest. Salut! 

Faux Leather Jacket: Topshop (old) / Pan Collar Shirt: American Apparel / 2-in-1 Mesh Dress: Melissa Araujo / Dancing Shoes: American Apparel / Bag: Wabisabi / Sunnies by Charlie
Love lots, black soul xx
Photos by Bianca Natola 


Melissa Araujo is one very talented woman. She knows how to make a statement and does so with conviction. Growing older, observing fashion, I’ve come to realize that it shouldn’t take much to make an impact, further upholding that less is indeed more. It deems a lot harder to make that statement with one or two main components because these require meticulous attention. This is Melissa: her intelligence and strong personality shines through her minimalist, edgy, modern, and brilliantly versatile designs. It’s right up my alley, only, Melissa has done all the thinking for us fashion enthusiasts. All we really have to do is wear them with confidence and make them our own.

Melissa has just recently shown her latest collection in Vancouver, and though I am bummed to have missed it, I’m so glad I have the internet to keep me updated. Check out her blog posts on her fashion show here and here. Keep an eye on her, this girl will go places. And I’m not just saying that because she is a great friend of mine  I will most definitely be making more MA purchases in the near future. Lucky for us shoppers, her previous collections are still available for order. I for one am still coveting this two-ways-to-wear Oversized Tunic from her Slate collection (among many others)!

Wearing her 2-in-1 Mesh Layered Dress from her Linear collection (the editorial shoot is a must see) with the longer side and mesh piece in front, paired with heels for an evening look. I have waited too long to finally have this dress in my wardrobe, and I’m really excited to maximize its versatility. Definitely more to come soon!

2-in-1 Mesh Layered Dress: Melissa Araujo / Pleather Zip Pouch: DIY / Heeled Sandals: John Paul Gaultier x Melissa
Love lots, black soul xx
Photos by Cholo dela Vega