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This is me for about four days of the week. I change up the pants to long shorts or the top to a t-shirt when I can be a little more casual and when it gets too hot out. The other three days are wild card days. Working in a restaurant has highlighted the importance of wearing natural fibers- it’s just too damn hot with anything else! My challenge for the following week would be to wear non-sneaker footwear, just to remind myself that I do have those options ha ha

Happy weekend everyone! X


Photos by Mikee Tuason




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Gloomy days call for photos taken in the (non pouring) rain. Been living under a rock/ in this jumpsuit except for the times I’ve had to use the ladies room. I’m surprised at the number of ways to style it thanks to its amount of detail, y’all know how much I love versatility ❥ Exhibit B (since this post was Exhibit A!): wore it to the Sunnies Specs party a few months ago without the arms.

Have a great weekend! X


Photos by Mikee Tuason



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Wearing a lot of black means having an obsession with details. Today i’m double slitting with my long top and pants. Always loving other extra details- the ribbing on the crew neck & sleeve, the pleating on the back, the airy crepe fabric of the top matching the flowy silk of the pant. All in all, a full comfort look of the day, topped with sneakers of course.

Happy weekend everyone! X


Photos by Mikee Tuason



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I’ve been really enjoying layering tees, tanks, and shirts under dresses and tops a little too much for three main reasons: 1) that I get cold so damn easily 2) it’s more appropriate for work and 3) it super maximizes the wardrobe. Layering in this tropical weather is pretty tricky and limited to thin fabrics as I really can’t wear any knit at the moment (too hot! maybe when it starts raining again) but also can’t wear bare slips when entering air conditioned rooms.. S/o to the 90s for showing us this trick.

BRB- layering for the next few days. Happy weekend everyone! X


Photos by Mikee Tuason


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These photos were taken on an especially sicky day, hence the sunnies on a cloudy day (but yes I also love how my sunnies match my bag ha ha!). My lovely friends remind me to take a break from work and rest it out, but work always does get in the way!

On these difficult days I find that I’ve been reaching for the cozy denim I’ve lovingly worn and softened out. These are my ultimate favourites from the mens line of Acne Studios. Get a couple colours and you are set for life.

Styled with other faves, la bathrobe jacket and linen tee for extra warmth and comfort <3

Happy weekend everyone!


Photos by Mikee Tuason


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My love for camouflage prints are a little evident since this is my second consecutive post wearing it. Found this muted grey/black one which is super perfect for me. Extra layers added via the tailored vest to add some dimension to the look. As I’ve gotten older, I notice every dress I have been purchasing has been longer than usual. Is it an age thing or a style thing? Stay tuned as even I have yet to find out.


Happy weekend! X


Photos by Mikee Tuason

27MAY2016 // HOODY

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If I had to put a finger on the way I dress today, it would be any silhouette play (I’m obsessed with different shaped bottoms, I’m sure you’be noticed!) with a hint of sporty, street, or masculine.

Went with a hoody top today with a super feminine shape (been leaning towards more femme looks as of late– probably taking a break, we shall see *insert thinking emoji here*)

In other news.. Happy weekend everyone! X


Photos by Mikee Tuason



Wearing a lot of black has its own limitations, these are certainly not boring nor necessarily a negative! There are a number of things to experiment with, and I’m quite open to trying most of them. There’s the world of fabric/texture which then dictates how it could fall on the body, then there’s manipulation in the way that details are created, and finally the styling. Esme (Basic Movement designer) is the one who got me to wear frills when she made me this top, and I don’t mind it at all. I always find myself wearing them with trousers to ease the level of girliness down two or three notches, and of course, slides for the ever-so-lazy.

Have a great week! xx


Photos by Mikee Tuason



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This year’s YoungStar or #YSProm birthday bash had the most comfy theme yet- pajama party! Naturally, I got too excited and made sure to source fabric to have something made so that the boyfriend and I could have matching outfits. I didn’t want to be fully matched and so mine was a dress, worn extra sloppy as if i was too lazy to remove it before going to bed. I wore it as a skirt for the actual party since it was falling that direction anyways. This post wouldn’t be complete without seeing the whole couple look, so here he is! We went with socks and white sneakers to have the going-to-bed-with-socks effect.


Photos by Mikee Tuason