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I truly admire those who are really in touch with their age. I’m in total denial of mine and still feel 25 at heart. No, i’m not 30 yet (clue). Here’s me looking like a ninja not only with the Air Rifts but with these crazy pants I found recently, also playing around with the wide turtleneck of my top. Love me some fun shaped bottoms, clearly.

Have a great weekend errbody!


Photos by Mikee Tuason

16OCT2015 // MESH LOVE

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One of my favourite fabrics for layering would easily be mesh. It can be worn on its own in the summer or in a tropical country like mine. On top of swimwear for the beach, or over/under a number of layers for the city. Finally got a chance to do a quick shoot between work and errands for an upcoming project for the shop (!!!) and put this easy look together for day to night. Happy weekend everyone! xx


Photos by Mikee Tuason


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Been a bit sick on and off lately, easily due to the bipolar weather (super hot in the morning and raining hard towards the evening). So I’m easily cold and wouldn’t mind walking around with a sweater in tow. Always playing with silhouette, these cropped wide trousers are my forever faves. Taking a break from sneakers and reminding myself that I’m a girl. Also, check out my new specs! It’s one of the first colour revisions I ever made over at Sunnies Studios (it’s a subtle blue hue that we named ‘ice’) xx


Photos by Mikee Tuason


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I wasn’t so big on dresses in the past years. I guess, for a while, I became hyper focused on mixing separates that I kind of underestimated them. You could call this my phase of falling in love with LBD’s all over again. I’ve been hoarding them little by little in different shapes and lengths. My favourite thing to wear with them is kind of a given– sneakers. Since I’ve spoiled my feet with all sorts of flat shoes, I can hardly walk in heels anymore. I know. It’s sad. Seriously though, men have the best sneaker options! These Nike Air Rifts were such a pain to find, especially because it’s a mens style, but it was so worth it once I finally got to add them into my shoe options. On a side note- super relieved to have discovered MyShoppingBox who eases the big headache of international shipping to Manila!


Photos by Mikee Tuason

04SEP2015 // BASTA

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Sunnies Studios / Backpack: Halo + Halo / Tank: Beetroot

I miss the beach the moment I leave. The trips have been too short. I love the semi-unplugged vibe, lounging around and just enjoying the simplicity of it all. Play a little music, read a book, lay around with great company and talk about how nice it is to get away from the city for a bit. Listen to the waves and watch its uncertainty, gaze at the stars at night and try to memorize it. Ahh, I need another trip again soon.

Clothing for the beach is a really fun challenge for me because I want to make sure that they are more versatile than this purpose. I can easily see myself using this tank on a normal day with a little more coverage inside. Wearing my Halo + Halo ‘Basta’ backpack to the beach was extra handy. I like that it kept all my stuff dry (because I’m a klutz) while looking pretty cool. I can’t quite explain the meaning of ‘Basta’ (Filipino version) but it could be many emotions of saying “as long as,” “enough,” or my favourite, “shut up and do it” just because that’s a great motto.


Photos by Mikee Tuason


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This year’s YoungStar or #YSProm birthday bash had the most comfy theme yet- pajama party! Naturally, I got too excited and made sure to source fabric to have something made so that the boyfriend and I could have matching outfits. I didn’t want to be fully matched and so mine was a dress, worn extra sloppy as if i was too lazy to remove it before going to bed. I wore it as a skirt for the actual party since it was falling that direction anyways. This post wouldn’t be complete without seeing the whole couple look, so here he is! We went with socks and white sneakers to have the going-to-bed-with-socks effect.


Photos by Mikee Tuason

05JUN2015 // FLOAT

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Rashie and High Waist Swim Bottoms: FLOAT by tracianne / Sunnies Studios

After this crazy week, I can’t help missing last weekend in Sorsogon. We stayed in Siama Hotel which was designed by the amazing furniture designer Milo Naval. The hotel didn’t have network or television or anything of that sort for entertainment, one was encouraged to relax. So I did just that, sat by the pool and read a book.

We spent a day exploring Sorsogon, and a common favourite in our group was the Masacrot Cold Spring among other local sites. The only thing was that locals weren’t so accustomed to tourists/visitors- we were almost too shy to swim in our little bikinis. Thinking back now, I wish I brought this super stylish rashie set then. For now though, it’s all for the look.

Photos by Karyn Ong

29MAY2015 // MIXED UP

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Peplum Top: Basic Movement X ReligionBlack / Shorts: UNIQLO / Sneakers: Nike / Naoko Bag: Wabi Sabi / Denni Sunglasses: Sunnies Studios

It’s no secret that I’m 200% obsessed with shorts like these. I now have them in different fabrications and wear them to all sorts of occasions. Here’s one way that I mix them up and out of the boyish look by wearing a very girly top, but everything else remains the same like the choice of sneakers and sunnies for daily necessity.

All packed for another short getaway- can’t wait to share photos soon xx

Photos by MJ Genoveza


IMG_8518IMG_8536 IMG_8537 IMG_8512

Sunnies Studios / Overalls: c/o ASTO Group / Mesh Bodysuit: American Apparel / Sneakers: CDG PLAY / Zip Envelope: Wabi Sabi

It’s been scorching hot these past couple of weeks, so pants are highly unrecommended unless the top can be super breathable, or with knowledge of spending time in really cold air conditioning. I really like this pantsuit for the reason that it could be for that breathable option during the day, and easily dressed up with heels for a night out- inner wear optional.

Off to the beach for the weekend! Can’t wait to share photos next week x

Photos by MJ Genoveza