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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve gone quick-traveling to Vancouver. I had a bit too much fun and left my laptop to get a little dusty from zero usage. I’m not gonna lie, Vancity being my second home, I was pretty bummed to leave. But here’s a little outfit post to perk us up because I got my dancing shoes on in this one!

Rachel Comey has turned me into a LADY, you guys. She has sucked me well into her strategically placed ruffles, unexpected surprises (see elbow holes), perfect fabrics and awesome pants (Tilda has an awesome selection of R.Comey’s stuff btw *winkwink). Worn of course with a cozy old oversized tshirt and favourite accessories by Nami.

Now, someone give me an excuse to wear this out this weekend? Have a good one! xx


Photos by Mikee Tuason


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Wow, what a crazy month it’s been. Update: I now work in the food industry and went through a month-long renovation (hella challenging) and I couldn’t be happier that we have finally opened. I’m celebrating the breathing space with a long-long-long-long overdue blog post. Man, have I missed it!

Here wearing perfectly¬†dropped (yes I’m very anal about the amount of fabric in the crotch lol) drop crotch shorts by Masscob (a Spanish brand carried by Tilda) with a mix of sporty via my Saints cap and femme via my drapey top and heels. It’s just one of those days I wanted to be all of the above, but in black, of course.

I’ve been loving the afternoon sun a lot lately especially for photos. Though it could be a bit much sometimes, there are moments it just looks, well, golden. Made it just in time before the dreadful rain, too.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xx


Photos by Mikee Tuason