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Despite that I’m (thankfully) still often mistaken to be of the age of a university student, getting older has definitely made me question not only matters of the ‘self’ but my style choices as well. There are more and more things I wouldn’t wear anymore but here are some things that haven’t changed (yet): 1. basics- this sheer bodysuit and lace bra have been in my closet for more than four years now 2. the itch to cut stuff up. Having finished a small batch of snipping, this jacket is probably my favourite. (I couldn’t stand wasting the other half, so I’ll definitely be repurposing that for something else.) 3. vintage love: sunnies, Gucci purse and skirt 4. MMM forever, but only if and when the wallet allows

Happy Sag month to my fellow Sagittarians! Let this be a month filled with family and friends to celebrate our births and for all of us, a grand ending to our 2017. xx


Photos by Mikee Tuason



Victoria Beckham Bow Shirt / Acne Studios Mens Trousers / Alexander Wang Sandals

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Acne Studios Cargo Hoody / Acne Studios Printed Shirt / Acne Studios Jeans / Alexander Wang Sandals

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Alexander Wang Twist Shirt / Acne Studios Mens Denim / Acne Studios Heels

IMG-0338 IMG-0310 IMG-0332 IMG-0345

Marni Dress / Alexander Wang Trousers / Marni Fringe Sandals

IMG-0360 IMG-0367 IMG-0371

Stella McCartney Mens Jumper / Acne Studios Pencil Skirt / Maison Margiela Boots

Photos by Shayna Cua, Mikee Tuason



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Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals Polo Tee / Alexander Wang Culottes / Acne Studios Sneakers


Acne Studios Denim Jacket / Stella McCartney Mens Jeans / Alexander Wang Sandals


Marni Top / Acne Studios Mens Trousers / Marni Platforms


Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals Mens Jacket / Alexander Wang Pinstripe Trousers / Acne Studios Sneakers

Soooooo I just realized I never shared these photos on here! Here’s Part 1 of my Instagram takeover with @hommeetfemmeph (of H&F Retail Concepts Inc., only the best retailer in Manila, so you can imagine my excitement!!!) a few months back.

Happy Post-Hump Day babes! Xx


Photos by Shayna Cua, Jash Manuel


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Wow, what a crazy month it’s been. Update: I now work in the food industry and went through a month-long renovation (hella challenging) and I couldn’t be happier that we have finally opened. I’m celebrating the breathing space with a long-long-long-long overdue blog post. Man, have I missed it!

Here wearing perfectly dropped (yes I’m very anal about the amount of fabric in the crotch lol) drop crotch shorts by Masscob (a Spanish brand carried by Tilda) with a mix of sporty via my Saints cap and femme via my drapey top and heels. It’s just one of those days I wanted to be all of the above, but in black, of course.

I’ve been loving the afternoon sun a lot lately especially for photos. Though it could be a bit much sometimes, there are moments it just looks, well, golden. Made it just in time before the dreadful rain, too.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! xx


Photos by Mikee Tuason


DSCF3033DSCF3027DSCF3039 DSCF3057Masscob dress from TILDA / Maison Margiela Boot Sandals / Thick Choker from NAMI

Taking a break from the pants and sneakers and slipping on an easy dress. I love everything about this one, especially that it makes me seem a little taller in certain angles because of the lovely drape of the fabric. Yes I know I must be crazy for wearing long sleeves and half-boots in this dreadful heat, but lately I’ve really just been dressing for transitional weather (which, in reality, happens many times a day here in Manila as we go in and out of air conditioned areas) plus I’ve just been dying to wear these beauties.

Happy weekend everyone! Don’t forget your sunnies like I did xx

Photos by Mikee Tuason




Man, it’s been a while. I’ve been crazy busy with restaurant things- it feels so good to finally take a break ♡ Had a bit of fun playing with the tree shadows while taking these photos.

This look is my little answer to this very hot day. This, and an iced latte (not pictured). Really excited to be wearing my granny trainers, as I call them, they’re super comfy because the insoles are made of memory foam (what?!?!). I predict them to be my new staples.

Happy weekend everyone! And happy fashion weeks!! So excited xx


Photos by Mikee Tuason


DSC_0033 DSC_0037DSC_0043

One of my favourite local brands, bleach, closed shop sometime last year. I know it’s been a year, and I haven’t gotten over it just yet. Anyway, that’s where this top is from. It’s a sleeveless printed top made with sweat fabric so it’s a little tricky to wear in Manila heat. Since it’s storm season, it’s just perfect for the (very) slight crisp in the air. Decided to go with the hip-hugging trumpet skirt to femme it up but of course dressing it down with some sneaks (I promise I’ll wear heels next week).


Happy weekend everyone! X


Photos by Mikee Tuason


DSC_0046 DSC_0022 DSC_0013

Sunnies Specs

Went to a lovely friend’s very stylish wedding recently. I love getting to wear black to a wedding (since the majority of weddings I’ve attended are Chinese, black is a no-no!), and really excited that I had an excuse to wear this outfit. I’m especially loving that I found the perfect specs for all occasions, including formal events, and one I’m proud to have worked on together with the Sunnies team ♡♡♡


Photos by Mikee Tuason


DSC_0033 DSC_0043 DSC_0050

Who am I kidding? Everyday is casual friday. Loving my new nylon tie pants. Perfectly lightweight for this hot but rainy weather.

Chokers are ubiquitous for the moment, I know, but it’s one of the few things from my teenage life that I never really got over. I got these ones from a local maker called Wolfe + Huntr (shoutout to Reggie for the  reco) for my semi-gothic fashion dreams. I love how they have a touch of elegance despite them having the harness vibe. You may or may not be seeing these a lot in the posts to follow he he

Happy weekend everyone!

Photos by Mikee Tuason