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Who am I kidding? Everyday is casual friday. Loving my new nylon tie pants. Perfectly lightweight for this hot but rainy weather.

Chokers are ubiquitous for the moment, I know, but it’s one of the few things from my teenage life that I never really got over. I got these ones from a local maker called Wolfe + Huntr (shoutout to Reggie for the  reco) for my semi-gothic fashion dreams. I love how they have a touch of elegance despite them having the harness vibe. You may or may not be seeing these a lot in the posts to follow he he

Happy weekend everyone!

Photos by Mikee Tuason


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Dressing for date night is always a fun challenge. At least for me, because I always have to wear something oversized or something that plays around with silhouette to feel like myself. Unless its a really awesome dress, I prefer to play with separates to be more flexible (could be literal now that I think of it. Ha ha)

Ended up with my favourite vest, cut up flares and the usual little peek-a-boo. Mules are default since I can’t walk in high heels anymore #grandmaproblems


Photos by the date ♡

Mikee Tuason


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Been meaning to visit the Pinto Art Museum (a relatively new local museum about 45 minutes from the city) for ages! Finally got to go with my family recently. I had no expectations going in, except that I’ve heard great things about it and have seen really cool photos taken there. I was really surprised to find a really diverse collection of art! I highly recommend a visit even just to chill at their cafe and lounge around.


Photos by Karyn Ong


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Slit Dress: ASTO Group / Backpack: Vintage Prada / Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith

Though black is not exactly the perfect colour for summer weather, I always make sure to pick different shapes and textures to keep things convenient and appropriate. For date night, this dress gives the more dressy approach at the front and back, and a lot of ventilation via the slits of the sides. Always on flats nowadays- really happy with the new Stan Smith collections out this month.


Photos by Mikee Tuason


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Sunnies Studios / Crop Top and Swim Bottoms: c/o ASTO Group

After our crazy flight complications and jam-packing our entire Coron tour into 2.5 days, it was hard to take a breather and fully absorb everything. I remember only really realizing that we were in an adventure when we sat for hours in the boat, in the middle of nowhere where all you could see was the sea. Anything could happen on our way to our next island, and it was an amazing adventure at that. Looking back at the photos reminds me of how breathtaking and almost intimidating these islands were. Needing to be with the sea again soon (wearing mostly black and white of course).


Photos by Mikee Tuason


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Mullet Tank: Basic Movement x ReligionBlack / Neoprene Culottes (custom): Basic Movement / Vintage Leather Backpack: Prada / Sunnies Studios / Sneakers: EYTYS (Hoodwink)

I often get asked if I have any colour in my wardrobe at all, why I wear a lot of black, isn’t it too hot for this weather? I do wear a lot of black, but I also really love grey, white and blue (most especially in denim). On many days, I really do nerd out on fabrication and detail. That’s the reason I love wearing black, you see the details clearly, yet it’s not screaming anything besides the way you wear it.

Today I opted for a sheer back creation by Basic Movement and myself, together with light neoprene culottes that we also designed together outside of  our collection. Speaking of which, watch out for the shop coming soon where I’m posting the collection! Just working on some finishing touches! X


Photos by Pat Jamora



With the heat of the summer, I’ve been reaching for all the linens that my closet could muster and find myself inching towards warmer hues, exactly like this pair of pants. Wearing black or darker colours in warmer weather is a fun challenge on playing with weights, textures, and cuts.

I’m so glad that big/wide pants and skirts have made a big statement in 2015 fashion. I’ve always found it to be more of my kind of silhouette, though of course I play around with others, I do think it makes for a fun look and an even more fun challenge in styling. Looking forward to shopping for more in stores this year!


Photos by Karyn Ong



Sunnies Studios / Ruffle Top: c/o Chicify / Shorts: H&M / Bag: Wabi Sabi

Been sick for a while, so here I am resorting to my absolute go-to’s: big eyewear, vibrant lips, all black. It’s quite obvious I’m really into the boy shorts (I prefer the term over ‘Bermuda’) and literally wear them with everything. I now have a few pairs in different textures. Since summer is coming really fast, this lightweight rayon pair from H&M is an absolute lifesaver.


Photos by Karyn Ong



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Sunnies Studios / Bikini: Sune / Mesh Dress: H&M

Life has somehow managed to make a full 180 degree turn from what it was last year. I can’t say it’s better, neither is it worse, but it’s different. I’ve decided that that’s really what I like about it and I like being reminded that it’s never too late to learn something new. (I’m one of those people who’ve turned creative coming from an opposite background). A friend once told me that she thrives on change, and I thought, damn she is brave, she’s fearless. I want to be like that.

Meanwhile, for today at least, I’ll be daydreaming about the last time I got to visit the beach. Some quiet time to recharge. La Union is really a great place to find good energy, even if you’re not into surfing. The growing community that builds itself around the surf culture continues to contribute to the soul that is LU. Can’t wait to go back.


Photos by M. Tuason